Sustainable development report and integrated report for 2019 published by the JSW Group

The JSW Group has for several years been regularly publishing information on its non-financial results, that is on the effects of its actions taken in the social, environmental and governance areas. This year's reports have been prepared based on internationally recognized GRI Standards.

Integrated report 2019

Sustainable Development Report of the JSW Group 2019

The preparation of detailed reports of this kind extends beyond the applicable legal requirements to publish non-financial information within the framework of ordinary annual reporting.  The publication of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report in hard copy form or of an integrated report in online form enables the issuer to reach a wider audience. Non-financial information is sought not only by representatives of the domestic capital market but also by representatives of foreign financial institutions. Copies of the first edition of the Group’s 2017 sustainable development report reached as far as Australia. Both the CSR report and the integrated report have become a source of comprehensive knowledge about the JSW Group and its decisions, which is why they have been well received not only by stock analysts but also by the Group’s potential business partners. High-quality reporting of non-financial issues affects the perception of both the Company and the JSW Group by the market.

“I am pleased that the JSW Group is perceived by its environment as an entity providing honest and reliable information about all aspects of its business, including non-financial ones. I hope that our newest report will only reinforce this opinion among its readers. Accordingly, I present to you the report we have just published, which may be of interest not only to capital market analysts but also to a broad range of our stakeholders,” said Włodzimierz Hereźniak, President of the JSW Management Board.

“In their very extensive analytical report prepared last year, experts from Sustainalytics, a firm involved in the conduct of audits in cooperation with the Warsaw Stock Exchange related to the publication of the WIG-ESG index, having assessed JSW’s publications, emphasized the reliability of the JSW Group’s non-financial reporting. For instance, they were very appreciative of the Company’s environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system. JSW’s participation in the WIG-ESG index opens the way to obtaining capital from mutual funds that are guided in their investment policy by broadly construed values in the fields of corporate governance and environmental and social responsibility, while the share of assets managed on the basis of ESG policies in total assets across the world keeps growing,” added Krzysztof Solus, Director of the Stock Exchange Relations Office.