The objectives of corporate social responsibility strategy

The objectives that we set out in the corporate social responsibility of business is to support the company's strategic objectives, in particular the impact on society and minimize the negative influence on the environment and JSW image as a credible and reliable business partner for suppliers and customers.

I. We are a reliable business partner.
Customer care and satisfaction is our top priority, regardless of the type of product or service offered. Our aim is to improve the quality of customer service, partnerships, and ethical behavior in relationships with customers, adherence to contract terms with our customers and suppliers (timeliness, quality), transparent trade and complaint procedure and additional services offer.   

II. We feel responsible for the environment.
As a mining company, we cannot avoid the harmful effects of our activity, however, conscious of the responsibility for the negative environmental consequences, we are taking steps to minimize the negative effects, and in many cases we make a major contribution to reclaim of the land. We increase our responsibility for the environment through the implementation of the assigned tasks, including meeting the requirements of environmental protection under the best available techniques (BAT). Our overriding goal is to protect waters against salinity, sound management of waste (mining, hazardous, and others), greenhouse gases reduction, minimizing the mining impact on surface area and environmental education of employees.

III. We ensure good and safe working conditions.
Our company's most important asset is its people. We make every effort to take care of their development and safety. We feel responsible, as the largest employer in the region, to attract qualified staff and provide them with a stable, good job and the best conditions. Our aim is to increase the level of safety and health at work through technical improvement of the mines, natural hazards monitoring, reducing the impact of human factors on accidents and improving the quality of training. Activities under this strategy will be focused on supporting the local community employment, building the image of a good and stable employer, building an organizational culture of commitment, focus on results and increasing productivity.
We also aim at identification of employees from particular companies with the Group.  Continuous improvement of the organizational culture and ways of communication and interaction with employees is also within the range of our interest.
According to the philosophy of JSW SA "Good and safe working conditions" is not only to ensure the physical safety of employees at work, it is also taking care of the proper management of their energy and create space for leisure and development of their passions and interests.

IV. Active participation in community life.
We are not only a business entity, but also a member of the local communities in which we operate. We strive to build good relations with representatives of these communities. Through thoughtful activities that fit into the Vision and Mission of our company we reach potential or current stakeholders. Through these activities we also build the bond and a sense of solidarity with the environment and its problems.
Our aim is to support local community initiatives, building the image of JSW as a patron of sports, to promote the development of scientific institutions, health services and programs which support talented youth.